Our Approach

Our aim has always been to bring transparency to the life settlement industry and other alternative asset markets.

Working from the ground up

You can only truly understand the needs of your market by studying it, hence our extensive research and development phase during which we carefully examined all aspects of the life settlement industry from both a transactional and a statistical perspective.

As part of our research, we carried out a detailed study into mortality / longevity. This unique insight has allowed us to make specific, evidence-based adjustments to the standard mortality tables used within the longevity and life settlement markets.

Through our ongoing examination of the industry, we continue to develop platforms and processes to improve both efficiency and transparency within the sector.

Information and technology

Due to the specialist nature of the life settlement industry and its specific software demands, it is our belief that we can only operate efficiently by developing our own bespoke solutions in-house.

Examples of these are our life insurance policy optimization solution, Cambridge Life Analytics®, and our fund management and due-diligence portal system, which combine to bring a heightened level of sophistication and transparency to the sector.

For more information about Cambridge Guarantee and how we can help you, please email us at: info@cambridgeguarantee.com or call us on +44 (0)1473 226106