Life Policy Analysis Service: Analysis and due diligence

The Life Policy Analysis Service enables a wide range of clients, including banks, investors and service providers, to benefit from our experience and expertise.

Using our in-house expertise acquired over years of research and development, combined with constant intelligence gathering from the life insurance and life settlement markets, we are able to provide sound, evidence-based reports on individual life policies or entire portfolios.

Premium optimization

Utilizing our in-depth knowledge of Universal Life policies, combined with our advanced modelling capabilities which are regularly validated against insurance carrier data, we can provide premium optimizations for individual life insurance policies or entire portfolios, including the use of shadow accounts where applicable.

Policy and portfolio valuation

Applying our internal actuarial modeling proficiencies attained through the analysis of thousands of life insurance policies and years of extensive training and study, coupled with regular data collection from the industry, we are able to provide thorough, independent and certifiable valuations of individual policies or entire portfolios.

Analysis and due diligence services

As the value of any individual life insurance policy is dependent, not only on the actuarial calculations and prevailing market conditions, but also on other pertinent factors including the quality of the policy’s origination, history and documentation, we can provide a full review, analysis and commentary on any aspects that could impact its value or even its enforceability.

In addition to policy due diligence and analysis, we are able to provide a full review and commentary on a portfolio-wide basis, including origination, documentation, diversification risks (e.g. exposure to individual carriers, jurisdictions, life impairments and policy sizes), projected cash-flows, solvency analysis, past performance etc.

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